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Tuesday , October 27 2020




Are you aware that there are things you must do fast to save yourself from these evil dominated generations of sin world that you are in?? From that terribly unbearable punishments that awaits all transgressors for eternity

Because now we have all chosen to immerse ourselves in sin and go against the will of our Lord, our Maker. We have refused to embrace the cross and chosen to follow our own path like to say there are no consequences. The old prophesy has already come to pass upon us, when it said a time will come when people will no longer fear the Lord but go after their lust and desires (2Tim 3:1-5).

Everyone will be wining and dining, doing their normal daily activities and then not giving God that maximum attention He deserves, and then all of a sudden death and judgment will come upon them one by one unexpected. We are guilty of those sins that condemn us into the eternal punishment of that burning hell that awaits all sinners after life. Sins like abusive and corrupt languages. Check Matt 5:22, Matt 12:36-37, Eph. 4:29. Eph. 5:4. Envy, theft, revenge, anger, hatred, gossip col. 3:8, malice, fornication and adultery matt 5:28-30, bad friends, 2COR 6:14-15. Psalm 1:1-6, Eph5:6-7, singing and listening to worldly unedifying songs, James 4:4, Col 3:16, 1 john 2:15. Daily lies, Rev 21:8.

Devilish dressings that virtually all our girls are either in underwear tight or pant short all over our street, even our boys go sagging with their pants all for show, this is an obvious sign that the end is near and the devil has taken over the world (Deut. 22:5, 1Tim 2:9, 1Pet 3:3). Am sure you know that one cannot just sit down and assume that everything will be ok in the end. There are things you need to do to save yourself from this evil generation, before it’s your turn to face judgment because it will never tell when it’s your turn.

Luckily we are not left in darkness as to what to do quickly. It’s all inside your Bible. Check this out now.

There are five steps of salvation the Bible has highlighted if you want to be saved;

  1. You must HEAR and understand the Word of God properly confirmed in the Bible. Romans 10;21
  2. You must BELIEVE Mark 16;16
  3. You must REPENT of all your sins never to go back to them again. Luke 13; 3.
  4. You must CONFESS Christ as your Lord, savior and master not to live a life of your own again but a life Christ will have you to live. Mtt 10;32
  5. And then you should submit yourself to WATER BAPTISM as instructed in mark 16; 16. Acts 2:38.

Many of us thinks that once we’ve accept Jesus as our Lord and savior, then we are free to join any church of our choice. This is absolutely and scripturally WRONG. Are you even aware that if you don’t worship God exactly as He has commanded your worship to God might all be in vain? Check matt.15:8-9.

Matt7:21-23. There is a set rule, Christ didn’t give Christian freedom of worship or to choose any church of our choice with its doctrine and yet be ok. No. and that’s why Christ said no other foundation can any man lay other than the one Christ Himself has laid. The Bible recognizes only one church Eph 4:1-6, Col 1:18. But today we have different foundation and different founders, bearing different names, teaching different things and yet claiming they’re from Christ. Is Christ divided? That’s the question Paul asked the people when they started dividing themselves into different denominations with different teachings and practices. 1Cor1:10-13. Christ built His church and expects his followers to be with Him in that same church and not any other. Matt 16:18, Luke 11:23.

Now, how can you find that church? It’s right there inside the Bible which has its own pattern of worship doctrine and practice.

First way to find it is the name it bears

The Bible referred the name of the church that existed in the Bible as “ the CHURCH OF CHRIST” Romans 16:16 and that’s the name they bear everywhere they spread the gospel of Christ and His church, it bears the name of its builder (Christ) and not any man’s name.

Another important way to find the church in the bible is the items and Bible pattern of worship.

There are five major items of worship that can be found in the Bible, practiced by the Church Christ built through His disciples in the book of acts 2:38-47.

  1. SINGING: without any instrument of music in worship, because you can never find a single place or passage where it was recorded that Jesus and His disciples gathered together and were drumming and dancing or clapping, we only have records that they sang hymns and spiritual songs. Eph. 5:19 Matt 26:30, Heb. 2:12, we cannot coat David in psalm 150 because David cannot and will not dictate what we should do and not do in the Lords church Christ built Himself, when there was not even anything like Christianity then, but were under the law of Moses because Christ has not been sent at that time but when Christ came, He brought the New testament and God has confirmed it that it is Him we should obey and not anyone else. So what does Christ tell us regarding offering the sacrifice of praise to God, He said we should use the fruit of our lips. Heb 13:15.
  2. TEACHING: they taught themselves the word of God using the New Testament as their basis, why? Because Christ said He has brought us a better covenant i.e. the New Testament which He bought with His blood. Matt 26:26-30. So what then was the purpose of the Old Testament? Gal 3:19-25. Bible also says we can only use the old Testament as our learning i.e. learn from the past mistakes our fore fathers made during their time so that we too can be better obedient children during our own time too. Check that in 1Cor 10:1-11. The bible emphasizes that those that still follows the old testament as their doctrine today are mind blinded and don’t know what has passed away. 2Cor 3:14-16. Heb 8:13.
  3. PRAYER: they prayed not using vain repetitions of words like most people do today not as if our God is deaf that he can’t hear us until we repeat the words again and again and shout out our throat before He can hear us. The bible says we must not be like those that does that. Matt 6:7-8. Our Lord is a good and compassionate Father who wants us to talk to Him as a Father and not shouting all the time. Are you even aware that Jesus commands us Christians to bless and pray for our enemies no matter what they do to us and not to curse them? Check Matt 5:43-48, Romans 12:14 All we are expected to do is to be obedient by abstaining from sin, obey Him, then make your request known to Him and ask Him humbly in faith believing that you will receive. That’s all. James 1:6, Phil. 4:4
  4. GIVING: they gave of their means to God as God has prospered them and not as they are forced to give. Christians are no longer under the Old Testament law of tithe where they were compelled and forced to give one-tenth of all their means, for if they don’t, curse will surely be upon them. Mal 3:8-9. But Christ has given us a new law of giving (2cor 9:6 Heb7:1-12). He is now our new High Priest not anyone or laws from the old again. And upon the first day of the week, (1Cor16:1-2), let each one lay something aside. 2Cor9:6-7. Now let each one give as he purposes in his heart not grudgingly or of compulsion for God loves a cheerful giver. That is the declaration the apostles of Christ made to us in the New Testament that we are supposed to give as any amount that comes from our heart according to our abilities and not tithe again because we are no longer under that law of tithe giving again. Please check Hebrew 7 & 8 . It’s all stated there.
  5. LORD’S SUPPER: Jesus Christ commanded His disciples the night He was betrayed “do this in remembrance of me’ and what is that? It’s the Lord supper, in which they did upon the first day of the week (Acts 20:7), not monthly, yearly or any other period. He said as often as they take the bread which represents His body and the wine which represents His blood, they proclaim His ‘DEATH’, ‘NOT BIRTH’ as in ‘Christmas’ as some do today which was neither commanded nor found in the Bible. 1Cor 11:23-26. Matt 26:26-31.

These are what you can find in the Word of God and not what your pastor has told you. 2John 1:9-11 says whoever does not abide and stay in the doctrine of Christ practice evil deed, that means Christ has a doctrine and expects us to stay in that particular one and no other doctrine. The doctrine of Christ is NOT to be ignored but to be given maximum attention to, PRACTICE it accordingly because that’s the ONLY WAY you can save yourself from the eternal serious punishments that awaits the neglectors of Gods instructions. 1Tim 4:13-16. Eph. 5:6.

Now that you are aware of what you should do and not do and you have seen it yourself. The choice is left for you to decide to take the right step with its immediate effect before it is suddenly too late. NOW! Is the time you can still save yourself, because you cannot say that you are not AWARE. Luke 11:28. ‘’Tomorrow might be too late!!! ‘’

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