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Thursday , October 1 2020



“What lies ahead of us or behind us is insignificance compared to what lies inside us” – Emerson

Man, being a thinking being has what it takes to use his knowledge, skills and abilities for the benefit of humanity.

Potential is a natural ability that may develop to make you very good at something.

All great things, including human potential have to be discovered, and developed before it can be expressed usefully to others and self. God created all humans beings to have natural endowments that facilitate growth in seven dimensions of imagination, inquiry, identity, intuition, interaction, initiative, and integrity.

The Potential to care for others requires interaction potential to care for others requires interaction; potential to be creative requires imagination.

The Potential to overcome disabilities requires identity potential to solve problems requires intuition.


Something hidden has to be discovered through searching, but one has to know what is being searched. We must have consciousness of what we need to do to release the gem inside us to becomes what we are destined to be.

  • Meditating or Deep thinking

This is a powerful tool to unlock and develop potential. Great ideas and innovations we have today are products of imagination and intuition or creative intelligence. A closer look into the life of David reveals a man of wisdom who sees beyond the obvious, despite his inadequacies. David habitually meditates on God’s words (Ps 104:34, 119:15, 48, 78) and His works (Ps 143:5, 77:12). When we think about God’s creativity, expansiveness, receptivity, love, beauty and abundance, we get connected to the realm of the invisible to discover and manifest our potential.

It is noteworthy that meditation and prayer are complementary that enhance connection to the invisible. Daniel’s sense of imagination, inquiry, identity, intuition and integrity are promoted by a life of prayer – Dan. 9:1-4

Potential is discovered through act of getting to the deeper inner self by taking and listening to God in moments of silence.


We become what God has desired us to be through a process that needs commitment or discipline to keep doing what we supposed to do (Jer. 1:5, Ps 82:6 Jn. 10:34-35). By discovering one’s potential, one is supposed to have a positive self-image needed to become competent and manifest any potential like Joshua, Caleb and David. In the parable of the talents, the man that was given one talent lacked competence and confidence needed to develop his talent. He lacked a positive self-image; hence he was engaged in criticism, comparison and complaints – Matt. 25:24-25.

To develop potential, we need a positive self-image that makes us not to underestimate our strengths or overestimate our weaknesses. But we will be able to see our opportunity and threats, using the to develop our potentials. Judges 6:12-15 nearly lost his opportunity due to lack of positive self-image, we have to realize that we don’t need other people’s standard than setting our own individual standards and goals…

fear can never allow us to develop our potential, as it happened in the parable of the talents to the man with one talent. If we are afraid of being uncomfortable or leaving our comfort zones. Our potentials will not develop.

We have to see the reality of individual-uniqueness, that our needs are not common or similar in order to development. It takes one who sees beyond the obvious to set goals and follow them with commitment and discipline. When people know our goals, distractions are taken away for our potentials to develop.

By setting our goals, our Reticular Activating System is activated which helps us to separate what is relevant from what to ignore, allowing us to develop in the seven dimensions of Human greatness.

We can develop our potential by following those who have successfully maximized their potential. Reading books, attending seminars and having mentors can develop potential.


Potential for human greatness expressed in the seven dimensions of intuition, imagination, integrity, inquiry, interaction, identity and initiative, once developed can be developed by contributing to humanity through service. Hellen Keller, the Greece America was born blind and deaf. She acknowledges her weakness and strength to develop her potential to become relevant to the lives of others. Deployment of potential is all about a life of service, Someone said “one of the saddest experiences which can come to a human being is to awaken, grey haired and wrinkled, near the close of an unproductive career, to the fact that all through the years, he has been using only a small part of himself”

Presented by Bro A. A. Ayoade on the 3rd of September 2016

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