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Tuesday , October 27 2020




What is Evangelism?

1.)       It is the heart of the church of Christ

2.)       it is taking the advantage of the opportunity we have known about Jesus.

3.)       The purpose of evangelism is to save people from their sin. (Rom.1:6)

4.)       It is the explanation of God’s Remedy for sin. Act.8:29-35

5.)       It is the call for repentance

6.)       Evangelism is a big task. It requires commitment, Zeal and stead fastness. Gal.4:17. Without evangelism, the whole aim of the church can’t be realized.

7.)       It is a collective responsibility

8.)       It is a call to kingdom service

(B)      When Should We Evangelize?

Turn with me to 2Tim.2:1-2

(C)      Why Should We Evangelize?

1) It is a command and the primary assignment to every believer. Matt.28:19-20

2)Through Evangelism we preach the power of the God for salvation. Rom.1:16

3) Because all have sin, and come short of God’s glory. Rom.5:23. Therefore they needed the believer or the saved ones to tell them what to do to be saved. Act.2:37, Rom.10:14.

(D)                  The Role Of Our Conviction in Evangelism

What is Conviction

It is the act of believing that something is true, or to be sure of something.

Initially, before the death of Jesus Christ, His disciple were not really convince that he is the savior and that was why peter denied Him and the rest ram away and scattered when he was arrested. Matt.26:31

The same peter who denied Christ, after witnessing the resurrection of Christ, he was convinced enough to face the rulers and elders of Israel and preach to them. Act.4:8-13

Even after they were been rebuked not to preach Christ again, peter and john still had the boldness to reply against the elders of Israel.

Through the conversion of the apostles the following things happened

  1. i) They pray for more boldness to preach the word. Act.4:29-31
  2. ii) They rejoice that “they were counted worthy to suffer shame for Christ. 5:41

iii)       They cease not to teach and preach Christ. Act.5:42.


Paul had the same conviction been converted from Judaism to Christianity he said “But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Phil.3:17

The word convince means to know better. Brethren we can only be convince by studying the word and submitting ourself to be spirit of God. Only through conviction, we can defend the truth, which we have believed and have an effective evangelism.

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